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Tooth Abscess and infections in your back

Posted Jun 24 2009 7:01pm


I'm back after a couple of weeks in sunny Spain. The weather was glorious and I'm sure we will be back again next year at a similar time. As usual it took me a couple of days to settle with my back after the journey but my biggest problem was that I had a tooth abscess which started bothering me a couple of days before I left.

As I'm sure most of you know you can nearly always buy antibiotics over the counter in SPain so I was sure I could get myself sorted and that it would just go in a couple of days after being on thm.

Well, it cleared up quite well at the beginning and with the amount of pain relief drugs I am on I only had to top my meds up with Paracetamol and the pain was hardly bothering me but I did still feel very very drained.

I finished the course and was sure my tooth was ok but two days later it came back again but under no circumstances did I let it spoil my holiday. In fact, it was the easiest way to not put on any weight while on holiday as it took me so much longer to eat on just one side of my mouth !!!!!It was the tiredness that took over my health but its easy to just sleep in the sun or on the bed while away as you are so much more relaxed and chilled out.

When we got back I was feeling awful and found the journey so tiring that it was an effort to just hold a conversation and I just could not wait to get to bed. Its not been much better since then and my abscess has come back with a vengence so I'm off to the dentist tomorrow but I have heard that if you have any form of metal work in your body you should not go to the dentist if you have an infection as it can then get into your metal work which would then need to be taken out.

This actually happened to someone I know after a hip replacement but I'm in such a mess with this tooth which I think is contributing to my chronic fatigue that I just want to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

I would love to hear from anyone else who may have had this type of problem. Always helps to know some more information as I cannot find anything on Google. I'm sure I will be back online again soon so will be writing about how I get on. I start a 6 week course of Electro Acupuncture in a couple of weeks so as usual I will write my diary on how it helps with the pain.

That's all for now .................


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