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tingling in rt. hand

Posted by Larry K.

Have had x-rays and MRI. Nothing conclusive. Told to look at posture when at computer, watching tv, pillows, chairs, while driving etc. Have made some changes as a result but no detectable change. Went to Chiropractor and got 2 treatments in the neck area. Again no noticable help. Have had 3 massage treatments on upper body and loosened tight areas but not the answer yet.

Despite the drs. thinking the problem is in the neck area I think it is in the shoulder/arm area. Happens every night in bed and rarely in the day. Have no motion limitations or pain when moving arms etc.. Tingle are on the top of the hand and do not occur in the pinkie. Will get them if I hold phone up to my ear, using a mouse, or holding my arm straight out. Carpel has been ruled out by both doctors. 

Minimal activity using rt. arm (raking, golf, lifting) can result in very sore shoulder and that the tingling gets worse. Currently trying to do nothing but rest the right arm .

Any help in id'ing something in the shoulder or arm that can cause such tingling? 





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