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Tingling, cramps (not painful) in throat.

Posted by Katya17


For about one month now I have a tingling, cramping sensation in my throat. It happened after some emotional turmoil. I cried a lot back then and kept my head in a strange position for a lip-issue that has been solved for a long period of time. I had an allergic reaction on my lips which made me go crazy... (Hypochondriac). After the crying-period, I suddenly felt a lump in my throat. Now the cramps and tingling is less frequent but they are still there. My doctor says not to worry, he said I overstretched my ligaments and a nerve of the throat. I'm still concerned, since it takes so long to go away. I'm thinking about something serious like cancer... I know that I don't have to panic but still. Thanks for your support! PS: I don't have any problems with swallowing or breathing. Just when I move my head and talk orso, then it tingles for a short period of time. I'm to focused on it, on some days. 

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