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Things that may Disturb your Sleep that you Wouldn’t Always Think of.

Posted Jan 20 2011 5:09pm

Some things can really disturb your sleep You are tossing and turning every night. Every attempt to get some quality sleep have been futile. There are things that may disturb your sleep that you may be surprised about:

  • The medications you are taking: Supplements can fall into this category too. Anything that is a stimulant of sorts or increased blood flow or heart rate may keep you awake. Sometimes you won’t know until you take it. In addition, some may also be fine but if taken on an empty stomach or too late in the day may have a stimulant effect.
  • A pillow or mattress that’s getting old: Both or either one may be slowly losing its support. The change may be gradual so you don’t notice it. The cervical traction pillow and linear gravity family of pillows have a long life span.
  • Your sleeping partner: This includes your spouse who may snore (if he or she does, get him or her a neck pillow) or thrash around. It also includes your friendly pet who may jump in bed too. Not only may they move around, but low level allergies can get irritated.

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