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The Stiff Neck Plague

Posted Oct 14 2009 12:16pm

Why do I call it a stiff neck plague? In today’s world the amount of neck pain is increasing, it will usually start with a stiff or sore neck and then as you do nothing about it, build until you have neck pain.

The incidence of neck pain has dramatically increased over the years. Lower back pain is always though of as the most common form of back pain. Yet how many times do you get a tired or stiff neck, which then eases quickly and you do nothing.

At work as you sit at your desk, at home as play on the computer, as stresses build in life, or as you get tired – all of these can cause neck tension. You think it is normal because it happens so often.

Here’s something that will shock you…


Sorry for shouting, but it still amazes me why people put up with pain. I’ll give you an analogy I use often in my practice.

If you were sitting on the sofa watching TV and suddenly a fire alarm sounded in your home. Would you:

A) Keep watching TV because who listens to alarms anyway
B) Ignore it until it became really loud, because we all know that is when the real danger starts
C) Get off the sofa and put out the fire now before its’ too late

I’m pretty confident that most of you will choose option C as this is actually what you should do. Yet with back and neck pain, people choose option A often and B more often. Option C is a rare choice.

When you have a stiff neck it is an alarm saying you have muscles and joints that are out of balance. And like a fire alarm it only tells you that the problem is big enough to warrant your attention.

Pain does not tell you where the problem is, it is just the location of the ‘fire alarm’. Your stiff neck can be due to a tight upper back, or a lower back not moving well, or the neck itself. These are just the physical aspects, there are the stress and general health factors that could also be causing your pain.

So please, listen to the alarms, find the causes of your pain and then fix them now. Don’t wait until the alarm is so loud you need to call the fire brigade, or in neck and back pain the surgeon.

If you find the cause, balance the muscles and joints, improve your healing and recovery, then you can eliminate all those times when you get a stiff neck. You will also learn to remove all back and neck pain easily.

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