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The Relationship Between Stress and Neck Pain

Posted Oct 23 2008 12:13pm

" I have been under a lot of stress lately and I think it's causing my neck pain!"Stressed_out_with_neck_pain_picture You may be right, well partially right anyway. Stress really doesn’t cause anything but it exacerbates anything and everything. So, my guess is something was already going on in the neck and the stress has aggravated.

Misalignments in the neck put pressure on nerves and create muscle imbalances. Both of these can lead to pain. The scary thing about nerve pressure is that it doesn’t always cause pain!

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry about it. Nerve pressure causes problems whether you notice it right away or not. Eventually if the pressure remains or if something like additional “stress” makes the pressure worse, you will get pain.

The 1st stop in aligning your neck spine is to get a good neck pillow. We recommend the cervical traction neck pillow. This neck pillow will ensure that your head and neck are properly aligned when you sleep. Having a supportive neck pillow makes sure that there is no extra pressure on the cervical nerves. Help decrease the stress in your neck with the right neck pillow.

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