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the nike air max r4 for sale air is so fresh like just for complete air head

Posted Jan 25 2013 7:05am
Soon, the snow-intensive, like goose feather, like catkins, clouds, clusters, and gently dropped to the ground. At this point, the roof, the trees, everywhere is snow-white. Like just playing the good quilt cover the body warm. Posture snow was very cute, and some parachute, some hugged each other, there is driving a small plane down ... small snowflakes have six petals, body white, each falling one snowflake, looks like a white ground opened flowers.Afternoon to go to school, my mother and I am ready to go to school on foot. Just left the house, the nike air max r4 for sale air is so fresh, like just for complete air head-on feel. Walking on the road, I could almost hear the little snow they quarrel with each other: "We are the first to fall to the ground?" "Me first!" Said a little snow. At this time, a light snow flowers rushes, scrambling to say: "I first, me first! ..."

Back to the earth, my father and I saw four made of stone pier. My dad told me, which turned out to be a wooden pavilion, a fire burned. I am very sad, such a good building actually burned, what a pity.After the departure of the Ming Tombs, the Great Wall. Climb the Great Wall within the road too long, so we do first cable car to the seventh beacon. The cable car ride is very exciting, overlooking the woods below, feel afraid, but still want to look down. About 1 minute, we went to nike air max skyline men's the seventh beacon. Great Wall bricks are 2-decimeter 1 decimeter wide brick made. Climb the Great Wall, sometimes slopes Road, sometimes the stairs, the highest stairs can reach my knees. My father and I finally climbed to the eighth beacon. Chairman Mao is here to stay through the ages Quotes: He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.
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