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The medical community is starting to get Chiropractic, finally

Posted Nov 19 2010 8:12am

My aunt sent me an article regarding Dr. Gott, a medical doctor who write a newspaper column and his comment about Chiropractic. If you haven’t seen it, I am happy to share it with you here.

A woman wrote in about her failure with the medical community and her success with Chiropractic. Apparently, when in her mid 40′s, she developed mouth sores. She would have anywhere from 2 to 30 at any one time. She had a hard time talking and eating. The many doctors she went to were unable to make a correct diagnosis and treat it successfully. She was diagnosed with mouth thrush, Vitamin B deficiency, ulcerated digestive system and an allergic reaction to peanuts and fried foods.

Non of the medical doctors were able to give her any relief until she went to the Chiropractor. She started to have her neck adjusted and the mouth sores went away and she has been fine ever since.

Dr Gott, a member of the medical community, commented on the Chiropractic success story. He stated that Chiropractors are often overlooked medical professionals and, based on the many letters he gets from his readers, are a great source of healing. Most chiropractic treatments are safe and while a shiropractor can’t replace a general physician, if the two professionals work together, patients stand the best chance of getting appropriate effective care.

I am so pleased to have read this column. Hopefully more medical doctors will start to work WITH Chiropractors to help all their patients. Our office is very blessed to have a great relationship with the medical community. Visit our website to see what kind of treatment we offer:

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