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The International Year Of The Potato

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:33pm

San Francisco Vegan Chiropractor Comments:

0098060911161025_tn1 When I tell patients and friends that potatoes are one of natures perfect foods...they think I am nuts. There are many very smart people that think they understand nutrition that wont eat them. In fact, there is a myth that potatoes make you fat. If potatoes make you fat...I should be enormous...because I eat them almost every day. It's HOGWASH.

What makes people fat is all the garbage they put on the potato. The cheese...the sour cream...the bacon...the butter...all that stuff...not the potato.

Potatoes are a complete food. There are cultures that consume only potatoes, or mostly potatoes. They fill you up and satisfy your hunger. Potatoes are loaded with fiber and nutrition, and almost no fat...and just the right amount of protein.

Anyway...2008 is The International Year Of The Potato, and Dr. John McDougall, MD has written a great article for us...check it out...and go buy some potatoes. Have a potato party to celebrate :)   

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