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The Hidden Cause of the Morning Stiff Neck

Posted Sep 13 2009 10:13pm
Morning neck pain and stiffness is not fun How many times do you wake up with a stiff neck? You are in pain, you cannot turn your neck to look right, left, up or down? It’s even difficult to drink your morning cup of coffee. You think to yourself, what happened last night? Sleeping in a comfortable position at night is very important. Sleeping on your stomach or in an awkward position can cause you to have stiffness in the morning. Also, people who tend to move around too much at night can often be the ones who stain their neck at night or end up in an awkward position and don’t realize it until they wake up. At times, you can wake up not being able to turn your head or be in incredible pain because your head was simply positioned incorrectly.

One way to avoid pain in the mornings is to make sure you are sleeping properly and in the most comfortable position possible. A cervical support pillow can help with that. One of the cervical pillows we recommend at the neck pain support blog is the cervical traction neck pillow.

This neck pillow is one of the best at relieving pain and correcting military neck, but there’s another added benefit.

The “V” section of the pillow helps hold you neck in place at night as well. Over the years we’ve seen many patients and customers who complain about rolling over and tossing and turning a lot during the night. They then often find themselves waking in an awkward position for the neck which causes morning neck stiffness or a kink in the neck that takes hours to relax.

The “V” pillow (as our traction neck pillow is often called) may be your answer to keep you in a comfortable, normal sleeping position at night.

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