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the face of strong disdain and new balance 1500 sale his own insistence

Posted Dec 03 2012 6:58am
But no way, write articles how can I spot to ah! I racked my brain can not write. Want to remove it before the deleted article is, as long as a deleted article, the page will appear error! In emergency situations when I suddenly thought of a more stupid way: copy an article QQ space to replace the original article! I'll be right to do so. The way the space inside the thing I read boring articles deleted, and named "recently". After the release, I stayed, it was found that this method is too silly. But they can not find other articles.I recite. Finally, think of a new balance 993 uk devastating way: abandon this number! I flew to modify personal data, even the real name is changed, the password changed to a 1234 address to delete, personalized signature deleted, leaving only a the blank fool-basic information.After everything was settled, I went to apply for a new number.

In exactly the same information and write it down when I suddenly felt that I was trying to escape from my mistakes. At that time, I was listening to my favorite songs Xu Song, you naturally think of the reasons I like Xu Song. I like Xu Song, is because he has the pursuit of the ideal of courage and hard work, the face of strong disdain and new balance 1500 sale his own insistence. I kept saying that you want to be a writer, not even a little error can not afford to complete the ideal, how could? Today, or go to school, did not intend to go, only to their own sad reasons for Bale.Okay, many friends also came to see that I am not a person extravagant extravagant started falling, with a world of people, do not have much feeling, but we order this last get together to do a good treasure, and we talked many, there is now horrendouslyOwn confession, more future plans, some of my friends will go there like me again struggle year, we talked talked occasionally some inner comfort, cheerful .
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