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The days now cheap nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 repeat itself is not easy

Posted Dec 20 2012 6:44am
But at this time, a cup of hot coffee delivered to my eyes: colleagues to bring a tray, said Yang Xue Yi master gave me the tray was a kitten, later named Tanuki Tanuki. Yang the master know my cat, know that my setbacks because of the upset, the family lost a cat, he would send the cat to express his blazing consolation.When Yang Master of illness has been recuperating. Magazine editor car, a few years is that more and editor younger, first shuttle Li Ji, when 64 years old, older than he, and later Wang Meng, in his early fifties, smaller than he, to my sit into the car when he ran sixty, 44, both of us began to feel embarrassed. His car for Wang Meng, the suit Gelv very impressive, when Wang Meng dressed nike total air foamposite for sale very casually, sometimes to a certain occasion, he was out of the car, people surrounded by up to him when the editor inside welcome him busy waved point Wang Meng, actually Others adhere think he is Wang Meng while in humor.

I do not remember what day, through our joint efforts, Yang master said to me: "Our Yeliang can make friends." The silent warmth he had sent a friend got him into trouble. After that a few years Master Yang died of illness.Things change, the coffee gets cold, but a cup of coffee is always hot, that the inside full Sheng beyond the generosity and goodwill of the inconstancy of human relationships.The days now cheap nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 repeat itself is not easy to write an article on the day. Blog Basic deserted. I want to go to high school, really busy lost soul. The hearts have turnip-like dark backlog own decadent wilt mind, sometimes the people are basically impotent animals is one despite the shadow of time in the body wantonly rubbing.Life is very busy. The computer is very worn. The music is very clear.
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