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The crusher of Hongxing uses new industrial host

Posted Feb 23 2013 5:51am

With the further developing of economic globalization in recent years, the worldwide began to advocate the harmonious development between the human and nature and the low carbon concept is popular among the people while crusher equipment production enterprise also are working to develop low carbon products. Hongxing Heavy Machinery holds that the outstanding performance of the low carbon products should be the best means to promote the mining machine ry equipments and the word “low carbon” has attracted lots of crusher importers.

1. IPC

The data acquisition system of the crusher IPC adopts industrial host produced by Taiwan.

2. Sensor

The sensor selection depends on the characteristics of the measurement and controlling amount, also it is closely connected with the crusher equipment and the environment, as well as demand, meanwhile we should take into account the performance of the adaptability and stability of the sensor.

(1) vibration sensor

Crusher wear parts, drive shaft bend, pulley imbalance, the improper of underlying foundation for bearing capacity, high speed of driving shaft will reflect crusher excessive vibration, timely and accurate monitoring the vibration condition of crushing machine can be concentrated reflect the running condition of crusher.

(2) speed sensor

low speed of crusher equipment often causes the decrease of crushing capacity, while the high speed of propeller shaft will cause the large vibration, so the timely and accurate monitoring the spindle speed is very important. The magnetic sensor is mainly made of the magnetic sensing rotational speed sensor, it is a new speed sensor. The object of the magnetic sensor is magnetic materials, such as magnets, iron and electrical steel. When it is measured with a projection (or recess) of magnetic or magnetically permeable materials, the measured object is rotated, the sensor output is associated with the rotational frequency of the pulse signal, and finally achieve a tachometer or displacement detection signaling purposes.

(3) The temperature sensor

Taking advantage of the principle that thermal changes with the temperature change. Temperature is detected by measuring the change in resistance.

(4) the flow rate sensor

We can judge the oil pump wear caused by the oil shortage, and lubricant inside the spindle hole.

(5) the port of discharge size sensor

The mouth size of the crusher is one of the key factors that affect the product size and processing power, so the detecting the mouth size is of great significance. We can detect the size of discharge mouth by configuring special displacement sensing device, which can be adjusted to avoid overheating of the crusher discharge caused by too small opening, or inappropriate size of the discharge opening leads to loose cone.

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