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The Chiropractic Lifestyle, Stress and Peak Performance

Posted Dec 19 2010 12:00am

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Ever notice how much better you perform at just about everything when you take good care of yourself?

It's common sense right?

Peak Performers Make it Happen When you are exercising regularly, making healthy food choices, taking care of your spine, getting plenty of rest, and managing stress, you perform better at just about everything.

Everyone responds to stress differently. Some people thrive on it and need it in order to drive them to perform at peak levels. Others can't deal with much stress at all...they get sick and are unable to perform...and everything in between.

But when it comes to a healthy lifestyle...the chiropractic lifestyle of regular spinal adjustments, exercise, good nutrition, and plenty of rest and water, you benefit no matter what your natural tolerance level for handling stress is.

Personally, I like controlled chaos. I like lots of stress...lots of action. But I prepare myself for it by staying healthy and mentally focused (and organized). The more balls in the air the better.

However...if my spine is out of alignment and there is physical stress on my nervous system, it effects my decision making and my ability to focus. Same if I don't get enough rest...or if I feel stiff and sore from lack of exercise. Or if I don't eat right. It's a balancing act.

And here's the can still work many hours during the week and take care of yourself (it does not require a lot of time)...In fact, you better take care of yourself if you are working long stressful hours. Taking care of yourself is more a mental game (than physical)...a game of decision making. You make it happen with the choices you make throughout the day.

I call the San Francisco Financial District where our San Francisco Chiropractor offices are located the "Corporate Jungle"...and it's survival of the fittest. Most of our patients are working at least 50-60 hours per week. Some of then thrive on this....some of them have trouble with it.

We like to think of Executive Express Chiropractic as a healthy, stress busting "Pit Stop" for busy San Francisco urbanites. Not only can we align your spine and remove physical stress from your nervous system...We also teach you specific spinal exercises you do at our clinic or at home (in minutes) to maintain a healthy spine.

In addition, we provide healthy advice on nutrition, posture, ergonomics, and healthy living, to keep you performing at peak levels.

Hey...there is a reason most peak performers visit a chiropractor on a regular basis. So why not perform at your peak with a healthy chiropractic lifestyle?

None of us are perfect...but we do all have amazing potential waiting to be unleashed under the right conditions. Chiropractic can help you create those conditions...that's what we do!

Dr. Eben Davis is founder and clinic director of Executive Express Chiropractic in San Francisco

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