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The Cervical traction Neck Pillow Can Reduce Snoring !

Posted Oct 29 2008 6:00pm 1 Comment

Nerves in your upper neck supply your sinuses. If those nerves are compromised in any way it can cause sinus problems and hence snoring. Using the Cervical traction neck pillow puts your neck in it’s optimal position removing nerve pressure which helps opens your sinuses up, like they should be. Some additional things that may help snoring also is to manage your sinuses, use a humidifier at night, and reducing allergies.

If you press and rub your forehead just above your eyebrows and at the top of your nose. Also under your eyes at your cheek to the sides of your nose. This helps loosen up your sinuses.

A humidifier helps put some moisture in the air preventing your sinuses from getting over dry and allows you to breathe easier.

Cltractionpillow One great feature of this traction pillow is its non allergenic. But no matter what you do your house will, over time, collect dust. Dust and allergens will be airborne also. You can also order a special pillow case cover for the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow that protects it from allergens and other dust particles.

Also, it is recommended makings your furnace air filter is changed or cleaned at least one time/month, especially this time of the year. This will help reduce airborne dust particles which can irritate the sinuses.

The quickest and easiest method to reduce your snoring is to start using the cervical traction neck pillow. It will help to get those sinuses working like they shoulder by naturally restoring the neck alignment. We always think of how nerves in the neck supply the neck muscles but sometimes forget that those nerves control many areas including the sinuses.

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Now i got an idea on how pillow differ by their uses. But don't you know that during our sleeping time we can not prevent snoring especially when we are very tired, but we can avoid snoring if we use jaw supporter to prevent snoring,  or better yet if we undergo a to determines if we really have serious .
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