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the best liniment for neck pain

Posted Sep 05 2009 7:35am

Mark Perren-Jones from Isla Verde Spa Boquete


(Have you ever heard of goanna oil?)


450px-Goanna_Varianus_varius I was lying awake at 3am this morning thinking to myself what is the best liniment, the most effective liniment I have used over the last 20 years to relieve pain. (Yes, I know…not all of us lie awake thinking of  best liniments at 3am but such is my life-however, I digress) so here is what I think is the best natural liniment I have used to ease pain.


Before I do though, if you are suffering from neck or  back pain please read the neck pain and back pain sections to make sure you understand how to remove the causes of your pains. It is vital you use good postural habits and do the  neck pain exercises or back pain exercises written in this blog to remove your pain.


Why should you need a liniment if you can remove your pain by doing what I suggest in ‘why does my neck hurt?’ and ‘neck pain exercises’?

It’s because I understand that sometimes people will forget, become lazy, have to do 10 hours in front of the computer, lift poorly, drive for many hours without a break, wake up with a stiff neck after sleeping in hotel beds, sit on an airplane for a long time etc. so this is where along with what I have suggested, you can help ease your pains with liniments.


When you do 20 years of anything you get a fairly good idea of what works and what doesn’t. I have tried all sorts of liniments, balms, salves, sprays, gels, creams, herbs, herbal patches, homeopathic tinctures and oils to relieve pain. I guess many of you who have suffered from pain have tried dozens of different ones as well, all hoping to find one that really does work. And work well. Probably the biggest difference between us is that I have also asked hundreds of my clients what they thought worked best on them as well.

Living, growing up and working in Australia I saw dozens and dozens of different balms, creams and liniments. We have a large multicultural society and with that brings not only people from all over the world but also their beliefs as well. And with those beliefs are their beliefs in what THEY have thought are the best liniments from their countries as well. Another great advantage of being in Australia is its close proximity to Asia and all of their lotions and potions. Add to this that I studied Thai herbal treatments for pain and 3 years of traditional Chinese medicine with all of their herbal remedies and well, you get the picture, I have tried A LOT.

The reason that I happened to be laying awake thinking about liniments is because a client of mine came to see me and wanted me to try out her liniment. She said that she swears by it. I used it on her back and through burning hands and watering eyes I managed to comment that I had never seen this in any pharmacy here in Panama. That’s because you won’t find it here in the pharmacies she duly added, you can only get this in veterinary stores. As my clinic now reeked heavily of menthol and camphor, tears streaming down my face, I managed to squeak out “veterinary stores?” “Oh yes”, she said “it’s for horses when they get tendonitis but I use it on myself.” It was at about this point I was wondering whether my skin would start to peel back from my knuckles and all sense of feeling would be permanently lost from my highly sensitive fingertips. She kindly offered to buy me some to use on my clients but I felt trying to explain to my clients why the label on my new balm said ‘horses only- for veterinary use’ would not be good for business.

I do remember a dear friend of my who lived on a horse property in the hills of Warburton Victoria( which I strongly advise you to visit if you go to Australia-its beautiful) and he also used a cream that was for horses and he too loved it. However, this post is about ‘the best liniments for pain THAT DO NOT INCLUDE VETERINARY PRODUCTS’.

Here at the spa we have made liniments from cayenne, essential oils and when we were in Malta we even used a plant that was used to treat the soldiers’ injuries in World War 2. Now here in panama, I have also tried their products and even a product that contains 12 different plants from the depths of the Panamanian jungle. I have used German products from pine trees, Chinese products, Italian, French, Hawaiian and Balinese products. Quite simply, I have tried products from all over the globe.

However, still to this day by far the best I have used is an Australian product that’s been around for a long long time called ‘goanna oil’. Actually, next year it will celebrate 100 years to be exact. In Australia, goanna oil is a household name and it was even used by the John Bertrand and his crew on their yacht Australia 2 during their Americas cup races.

By the way, a goanna is a large lizard, a very large lizard in Australia and the aborigines used to use the fat from these lizards to treat their bodies. Nowadays, since the sixties goannas have been protected and the goanna oil is goanna free. A bit like tiger balm has no tigers in it. You will probably have to order it online but its well worth it! It has amazing pain relieving properties, is natural and wonderful at easing joint aches and pains. When i used to play Australian Rules Football we would all be rubbed down with it before the game. Its an Australian product that is extremely well known in Oz but virtually undiscovered in the rest of the world.

Its called goanna oil and it is the best liniment!

(By the way, I do not receive any royalties from the goanna oil company)

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