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Posted Apr 12 2010 1:39pm

The Alexander Technique was originally developed by F. Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) an actor and teacher, who originally developed it as a method of vocal training for singer's and actors in the 1980's.

He could see that successful vocal training needed a good breathing technique, and it made such a difference to their breathing that doctors started referring patients with breathing problems for an Alexander Technique session.

It aims to change movement habits in everyday activities, helping people with chronic back pain, excessive stress and injury using simple and practical methods of balance in the body to release unnecessary tension.

Its a method of teaching improved posture which is beneficial for easing back pain, and helps you move with ease.

They say that posture problems and muscle tension are quite often the reason for some of your pain. That's so true, when I'm in a lot of pain, my posture is completely different, and most probably incorrect which will obviously make my pain worse.

The NHS held a study on the technique which involved over 500 people with chronic back pain. It found that people who received one-to-one instruction of The Alexander Technique, along with exercise, had reduced back pain.

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