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symptoms of a pinched nerve

Posted by alana

My neck and shoulder are hurting and sometimes it seems as though it is going into my jaw.  I went to the emergency room last year and without any tests the doctor told me that I had a pinched nerve.  My problem has gotten worse over the course of this year though, especially recently.  Does this sound normal for a pinched nerve?
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It may or may not be a pinched nerve. The best thing to have is a cervical MRI- that will tell you if there is a disc issue going on in the neck area. Symptoms of a “pinched nerve” or pressure being put on a nerve include: weakness in the upper extremity, neck pain, shooting pains into the upper extremity, numbness and tingling into the arms hands and fingers, diminished or absent reflexes.


If the pain is getting worse, get this check out immediately.


Here is a great blog post that goes over what your Dr tests to diagnose a pinched nerve in the neck:


I hope this helps you out.

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