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Swelling on right side of neck, should I go to ER or can I wait till Monday? Cancer???

Posted by nelie512

Woke up on Tuesday and found a small knot the size of a dime right behind/ below my right ear.  Today is day 5 it is now 2 inches by 2 inches, you can see the swelling clearly. It is solid not mushy.  There was no previous injury.

It does not hurt most of the time unless touched, occasionally it will throb but only a few minutes. Sleeping is less frequent due to being awoken with pain due to touching pillow or something.  Yet I am very fatigued.  Neck does not hurt to turn either side.  Headach is more frequent.  Cold makes it hurt, warm no affect.  I am not sick or congested. 

Has anyone heard of such a thing coming on and enlarging quickly with no other symthoms?  I didn't think too much of this but my daughter is starting to freak me out especially when she saw me and said "Mom, you have a Goiter", of course I do not it is on the back/side not front but it made me wonder. 

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