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sweat or stop oozing from the new balance 993 uk emaciated dry brother

Posted Nov 21 2012 7:29am
Uncle took my brother's dry Guangzhou has two days from the village down the past two days he has been shuttling between hospitals and relatives and father. Now, he is thinking about whether it is time to let his 7-year-old son the heart complement membrane surgery, smoke stop smoke from cigarette butts. Near the bed, dry brother quietly asleep, although values ??fall, sweat or stop oozing from the new balance 993 uk emaciated dry brother. Outline faintly visible face with Jisi smile, surely he must be doing the happy dream, a dream he carefree fun."Squeak ..." a cigarette and extinguished, Yuyan into the straight-like rise, and then a cigarette ignited. Night, fireworks rapidly climbing toward the smoke tail."Mr David, you said A four (dry brother's pet name) of the surgery?" Uncle askourself the the tone somewhat heavy.

"Uncle, I have the Internet to help you check the next, and learned that this surgery sooner do more dry brother just ... just dry brother also small, irascible and restless after his surgery done, I'm afraid not law-abiding lying on the bed a few months, when even if the operation was a success, he can not do the doctor is useless there, I heard new balance 1500 sale that to do the surgery at least 150,000, we Shang Naqu by ? "I answered slightly worried.Uncle open your mouth and say something, but unspoken, he raised his rough hands facing the fingers smoke inhaled mercilessly. A long time, the smoke was from his nose crawled out, it is thicker.Good for a long time before I found the night, the uncle of his eyes welled up a few drops of crystal tears.
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