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suffer from awful pain in back but is it from my cancer treatments

Posted by Tammy S. Facebook

im a 9year colonrectal cancer survivor, at age 30. took 25treatments of high beam radiation, 9months of fu-5 chemo before and after surgery. ive hAD  5operations, tookout my gallbladder with 2stones with 2bloodtransfussions. ive had 2different colostomies,different years apart.1st was in 11-04, last one was put on 7hour operation for a re-site of stoma.on 8-2006. thats doing great now,but i have bone loss took all bone test there is and just took mri in july my 5th lumbar disc is half its thickiness, dr. says from the radiation, i have alot of imflammation in my spine and hurts 24/7 but my back dr. isnt doing anything for me. im going crazy he isnt telling me anything.i do have osteoporosis,scaitica,scoliosis,arthritis,degenerative radiculopathic neuropathy pain. damaged nerves from all the operations.i have problems with my left leg from my back feels as my nerves is pulling and i feel it in my back.  he put me on gabapentin 300mg every 8hrs. tramadol 50mg 4times daily its not helping and he wont do anything else. what should i say to him to really help me.
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