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Study shows Exercise under-utilized for back and neck pain

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

 I just read an interesting article on entitled:

Images[4]Exercise is Neglected Therapy for Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain

The article talks about how, even though exercise has been proven in study after study to help chronic back and neck pain...most physicians still don' t prescribe them....only one in seven.

In contrast, almost 64% of the patients that saw a physical therapist, and 33% of the patients that saw a chiropractor were prescribed exercises. That chiropractic percentage seems low...I know we prescribe them for just about everyone at Executive Express Chiropractic.

We find that the combination of exercises, stretches, massage and chiropractic, is very powerful.

We have also found that back or neck exercises as a stand alone treatment (as some recommend) is often times not very effective. In fact, exercise can make your back or neck pain worse if done when your condition is acute.

In addition, there are different types of spinal exercises that work best if done in a progression. Here' s how we do it:

1. Cervical or lumbar warm-up exercises (ROM/stretch combo).

2. Specific spinal or extremity ROM/stretch exercises.

3. Isometric/Isotonic resistance exercises with motion.

4. Strengthening exercises with theraband tubing or weights.

5. Motor control exercises and CORE strenghening.

What each patient gets at Executive Express Chiropractic, just depends on what their needs and wants are. Some patients do not want exercise advice, just a quick fix. Some want complete spinal restoration...and everything in between.

But, since exercise is such a big part of what we do...most chiropractic patients are prescribed something. And these exercises aren' t the kinds of things you see people doing in the gym...they are very targeted and specific to your condition.

So...whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome, a neck strain, or a lumbar disc herniation...there are specific exercises for you. Maybe not right away...but at some point. Introduce exercises too soon and we risk flair-ups and set-backs...the timing must be right.' s hard to believe more doctors don' t prescribe exercises in-house...but then again, all we can do is worry about what we do...and we' ve got you covered.

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