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Stress reduction with Chiropractic and meditation

Posted Apr 07 2010 4:20am

Chronic disease because of stress affects so many people in America and Chiropractic care along with meditation can help. These complex problems – cancer, diabetes, and heart disease – require complex solutions. Part of the solution involves people learning to help themselves by creating health-promoting states of consciousness – this is the inner game of health.

Many tools are available, including Chiropractic care, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, and visualization to help reduce stress. Visualization is a powerful method for improving your health and for achieving your goals in life.

In order to achieve stress reduction with meditation, sit quietly and close your eyes. Create a mental image of the tissue, organ, or structure  you want to help heal. If you have chronic muscular pain in your neck and shoulders, visualize those muscles as being loose, relaxed, and limber. Visualize plenty of blood flowing to those muscles. Visualize the tension in those muscles dissolving.

If you have painful arthritis in your hands, visualize your fingers and wrists moving through a complete and pain-free range of motion. Visualize the swelling in those joints dissolving. Visualize yourself as being healthy and pain-free.  Adding Chiropractic care can physically help the joints as well.  Visit our website at to find out more about our services for people with arthritis, stress and pain.

Allow these visualizations to occur without any stress or strain. Your body is designed to respond to mental commands. Engage in the process and allow the results to happen over time.

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