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Stiff Neck? Is That What You Have?

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:40pm

A stiff neck can be many things: neck pain, muscle spasms and decrease mobility in the cervical spine So you wake up some mornings and wonder to yourself, do I have a stiff neck? Here are some indications of a Stiff Neck:

  • You have neck pain
  • You have pain when you turn your head side to side, bring your head forward, look up to the ceiling or bring your ear to your shoulder. This decreased range of motion means you cannot turn your head to check your blind spot. Here are the normal ranges of motion for the neck in flexion (bringing your chin to your chest), extension (looking up to the ceiling), lateral flexion(bringing your ear to your shoulder) and rotation (turning your head):
    Cervical Range of MotionNormal
    Flexion50 degrees
    Extension60 degrees
    Lateral Flexion45 degrees
    Rotation80 degrees
  • Your neck muscles feel tight and when you touch your neck, you may also have tender points
  • You cannot get into a comfortable position
  • You wake up in the morning with neck pain and soreness
Having a Stiffness in your neck is not fun- its literally a " pain in the neck"- sometimes this neck pain can last for a few hours to a few days. There are many remedies for a stiff neck that can be done at home that are very effective.

If your stiff neck is accompanied by a fever, headache, tiredness, weakness, vomiting, confusion, eye sensitivity or dizzy spells, you may have meningitis - something that you need to go to your Dr for right away

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