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Posted Jul 19 2010 12:02pm

Stem Cell hope for Arthritis patients.

What great news to read that there could be stem cell hope for arthritis sufferers. Millions of people suffer from the disease so the claim from scientists that they could soon benefit from the therapy is excellent.

They are saying that the therapy could be used to help worn-out joints, which causes crippling pain and stiffness for arthritis patients. In some cases the cartilage becomes so thin that the bones rub together, causing deformity and pain.

What the researchers are saying is that stem cells taken from the patients bone marrow could then be transferred to the infected joint in order to encourage growth of the cartilage. Cells would be removed by keyhole surgery and then put in the laboratory for three months to grow. These cells would then be implanted into the joint which, if scientists are right, the cells would form new cartilage over a few months. This would reduce the inflammation and pain experienced by arthritis sufferers.

Trials are due to commence later this year.

All I can say is “Bring it on”.......

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