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Spinal Stenosis: Is it preventable?

Posted Sep 12 2010 12:00am

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Spinal Stenosis San Francisco
We have been helping patients with spinal stenosis for almost 20 years at Executive Express Chiropractic (formerly Front Street Chiropractic). What I am most proud of is all the cases of spinal stenosis that probably never happened because of the benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle the majority of our patient base has enjoyed (regular chiropractic adjustments throughout your life). 

What triggered these thoughts is an interesting article I read this morning in the physicians monthly newsletter from (the worlds best online spine resource) entitled:

Spinal Stenosis Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment (here is an excerpt):

Spinal stenosis is related to degeneration in the spine and usually will become significant in the 5th decade of life and extend throughout every subsequent age group. Most patients first visit their doctor with symptoms of spinal stenosis at about age 60 or so. Patients need only seek treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis if they no longer wish to live with significant activity limitations, such as leg pain and/or difficulty with walking.

Spinal stenosis can occur in a variety of ways in the spine. Approximately 75% of cases of spinal stenosis occur in the lumbar spine (low back), which is called lumbar spinal stenosis, and most will affect the sciatic nerve which runs along the back of the leg. When this happens, it is commonly called sciatica.

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My Take: Since Spinal stenosis is related to spinal degeneration, and spinal degeneration is related to loss of spinal motion, flexibility, and function...Why not keep the spine functioning properly throughout your lifetime? Well...that's exactly what chiropractic adjustments do.

Sure....there are other factors that contribute to spinal degeneration, such as smoking, drinking, obesity, high protein-high fat diets (pro-inflammatory), but most of them are lifestyle related.

The chiropractic lifestyle is one that includes regular spinal maintenance, as well as proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and well as exercising and relaxing the mind.

Sure spinal degeneration is common that in a way it's considered a "normal" part of the aging process. And yes, it's normal to be out of shape, and overweight, and eat poorly, especially when we get older. But that's the magic formula for spinal degeneration and stenosis.

So YES...Spinal Stenosis is preventable...just like heart disease, strokes, and most cancer is preventable...with a healthy lifestyle...a chiropractic lifestyle.

Dr. Eben Davis is founder and clinic director of Executive Express Chiropractic in San Francisco

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