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Posted Dec 28 2010 11:50am

I'm getting pretty desperate for some more pain relief at the moment and when it comes to injections, there are a lot of options. The trouble is they each have their own purposes, risks, benefits and side effects. Knowing which one works best for me is the key to getting some pain relief.

For me, as well as my spinal problems I also have Fibromyalgia which gives you pain in many different locations, however in the past I have found some injections have helped with both my conditions. I am still slightly apprehensive about spinal injections after an episode with one injection that nearly killed me. But it didn't, and I am here to prove that it didn't. I just have to put it to the back of my mind.

Other good reasons for spinal injections is that they can be more effective than an oral medication as it is sent directly to the anatomic location that is causing the pain. For instance, a steroid injection delivers a powerful anti-inflammatory directly to the area that is the source of the pain.

These type of injections can either last for a long time or just a short time so its unlikely that the NHS will repeat them on you if they do not last long enough.

In my case, I have tried them all, and they all worked well at first but then gradually the more I had the less effective they became. Consequently at the moment I am in a 'stale mate' situation. What I am hoping is that they will try epidural and/or nerve blocks on me once again. As it is such a long time since I had my last one this could hopefully mean it may work well for me this time.

I'm off to the Hospital tomorrow for another physiotherapy treatment and hope my physio will give me some acupuncture then refer me back to the pain clinic where I can see my consultant to organise some more injections.

The sort of pain I endure like I'm sure many other people suffer from is part of my life, its with me 24/7. To cope and manage chronic pain 24/7 you have to adjust your lifestyle to suit your problem and I know that I have that down to a fine art, but obviously every now and then you have a real lull in how the treatments and drugs are working and need to go back to the drawing board and start again.

So, my plan for 2011 is literally just that, go back to the drawing board and start all over again. Wish me luck.

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