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Spinal Disk Regeneration featuring the DRX 9000 works best with "Plant Based Diet". What is the easiest, quickest way

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

OK, I have been getting bombarded with request about the best way to start the plant based diet. I guess it is easy for me because I have been doing it so long. Apparently the McDougall's themselves have been experiencing the same thing because the June 2006 McDougall newsletter introduces what they are calling- "Mary's Mini-McDougall Diet". Here is an excerpt from the newsletter:

After working with thousands of people over the past 28 years, Mary (McDougall) believes it is time to introduce a trimmed-down, fast-acting modification of the McDougall program—referred to from now on as “ Mary’s Mini-McDougall Diet.”  The principles are the same as with those of regular McDougall diet:  it is starch-based with the addition of fruits and vegetables.  The difference is the goal is to lose weight quickly with as little effort as possible.  You know, a “diet”—not really a lifestyle change.  This is a temporary “quick fix” to be used as a tool for people overwhelmed by the initial challenges of starting on the McDougall program and/or to boost their progress when they feel that changes are coming too slowly.  Yet, this is a nutritionally sound program that you, too, may want to follow for a long time, if not a lifetime.

In the early 1980s we (John and Mary) went on an “all potato and greens” diet for 10 days—just for the experience.  We had hash browns for breakfast, baked potatoes and steamed frozen vegetables for lunch, and mashed potatoes with a salad for dinner.  Yes, we were bored towards the end, but we each lost 10 pounds, felt great, and continued our love for potatoes. 

I recommend that those of you that want an easy way to get started read this immediately and start dropping the weight and reducing the inflammation NOW. In addition, start reading the McDougall Newsletter archives. You can search by symptoms and conditions. Remember, this is NOT an all or none program. The more you do, the more you gain (not bodyweight). Here's to a new you.

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