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Spinal Decompression Side Effects

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

San Francisco Chronic Back Pain Center comments on DRX 9000 treatment effects:

It almost seems to good to be true. You mean I can go on this machine, fall asleep, dream about all the things I will be doing after my back is fixed, all without any side effects ?  Well, sometimes it goes like that. But realistically, you should expect some soreness in the beginning. Kind of like if you were to do a new exercise. And, sometimes there is an increase in symptoms, such as numbing and tingling, even sciatica. The thing is, your spine is happy where it is, even though it's parts are not in the right place.

Md_news_photos_011 When the DRX9000 starts to decompress the spine, which involves increasing the disc space by applying a negative pressure ( see how DRX9000 works ), the body will resist. The DRX 9000 computer senses this and backs off, while at the same time maintaining a constant tension. This is actually the difference between traction and nonsurgical spinal decompression. Having the ability to cut through the bodies resistance and actually isolate on a specific spinal segment. Traction pulls everything.  So, even though the machine is gentle and backs off when you resist, you still may be so deconditioned that your body reacts a little when we first start, which can cause soreness and increased symptoms in some cases. But you know what ? It's a small price to pay for the potential outcome.

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