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Spinal Decompression offers New Hope for Disc Herniation Sufferers

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

San Francisco Chiropractor and Disc Pain Specialist,  Dr. Eben Davis  is fusing modern technology with good old fashioned "Hands-On" therapies to achieve Favorable outcomes with Severe cases of Chronic Back and Neck Pain.

   Md_news_photos_011_3The DRX 9000 Lumbar spinal decompression system is able to treat conditions such as disc bulges, disc herniations, degenerated spinal discs, spinal stenosis, and facet syndromes. However, we do not call on the DRX9000 to be a stand alone magic wand. In the beginning it is, but as we advance through the program we incorporate very gentle, traditional "hands-on" chiropractic adjustments as well as massage therapy and yoga. We also have the ability to treat cervical disc herniations with the DRX9000c cervical decompression system.  We are one of the only chiropractic clinics in the SF Bay Area that can treat both low back and neck herniations with the DRX9000. I know we have the most experience, because our clinic was the first to obtain this technology and we have treated hundreds of cases. And, experience does matter.

     DRX9000c Md_news_photos_010_2           The typical treatment program is for 20 sessions over a 6 week period. We start off really easy and build up the intensity of pull slowly over time. The machine is fully computerized and is able to sense your muscle response to the treatment. if your muscles are tense, the machine backs off. Sessions are about 30 minutes with ice and muscle stimulation afterwords for 15 minutes each.           

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