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Posted Aug 12 2013 10:07am

female spine

Keep a good posture.

Keep a healthy weight.

Eat well. We need calcium and vitamin D among other nutrients to keep bones in good shape.

Quit smoking. Studies suggest that smokers are more likely to experience disc problems.

Strengthen your abdominal and back muscles.

Keep the spine flexible with yoga and gentle exercises.

Exercise regularly to keep your body fit and strong.

Reduce stress by getting enough sleep, exercise, and practice deep breathing regularly.

Be comfortable by avoiding restrictive clothing and high heeled shoes which can put stress on your back.

If you stand for long periods of time, raise one foot on a box to lessen the strain on your back. Check your posture and try to maintain the natural curve in your spine. Take frequent breaks if possible.

If you must sit for long periods of time, get up every 30 minutes, walk around and do a few stretches.

If you work at a computer, adjust your chair so your elbows to wrists are parallel to the floor and the screen is at eye level.

Use your legs when lifting. Bend at the knees and straighten your legs as you lift the object. This puts less strain on your back.

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