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Smaller Cervical Muscles may be Responsible for Pain into the Head

Posted Aug 30 2010 12:00am
A lot of us know about some of the bigger neck muscles, like the trapezius or levator muscles . But the smaller muscles, like the posterior cervical muscles or cervical paraspinals, and the occipitals also play a major role in neck function. In fact, when these muscles are irritated or strained they are often responsible for pain referral into the back of the head and weakness or difficulty extending the head back.

The posterior cervical muscles include the splenius cervicis, splenius capitus, semispinalis cervicis, semispinals capitus, multifindi, and rotatores. All of these muscles function to . Posterior cervical muscles

To stretch these muscles, forward flexion works best. Simply touch your chin to your chest; you can also reach up with your hand and push the head gently into slightly more flexion. While in flexion, you can also turn the head to either side to stretch additional muscle fibers.

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Patrick Ward, MS CSCS LMT
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