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Sleeping on your Side when Using a Cervical Support Neck Pillow

Posted Jul 10 2009 10:47pm
I just received my Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow and I had a question regarding side sleeping. I know that if I am sleeping on my back my neck will be in the V part of the pillow. I am a little confused about how to use the pillow when I want to sleep on my side. Do I want to keep the pillow in the same position as I would as if I were sleeping on my back (V under my neck)? I assume I would then just lay to the left or right of the V to sleep on my side. Or to I rotate the pillow 180 degrees so the V is upside down like this ^ and I just like on my side that way. I just want to make sure when I sleeping on my side that I am using the correct posture. Thank you, Maxine

Dear Maxine,
Side sleeping with the cltraction neck pillow The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow is made for side or back sleepers. When you sleep on your side, you sleep on the wings of the pillow. You do not have to rotate the pillow 180 degrees to sleep on your side. You can sleep on the V side to the right or left of the V. Keep in mind, that you will get maximum traction when you sleep on your back. To help facilitate this, you can put two pillows under your knees to make it more comfortable or use a knee elevator. You will not get as much traction on your side, but you will get some.

Also, the other side of the pillow is more for support, as opposed to traction. You can use this at any time to sleep on (on your back or side).

Finally, you might experience some soreness in the beginning in the neck and upper back area. If you find yourself waking up after a few hours with soreness in the neck, go back to using your regular neck pillow. This does happen for some patients and is normal because your body is getting used to a new position of sleeping. Every patient is different. Some can use the pillow straight through the night from the beginning. If you do have soreness, ice your neck and do some neck exercises next morning.

Sleeping on a cervical support neck pillow is a good idea because your head and neck will be in proper alignment. A good support neck pillow will allow you to sleep on your back or on your side with no problems. The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow does a great job of that. -NJ

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