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Shoulder function affects neck pain.

Posted Sep 10 2010 7:11am

As a Chiropractor, I have found there is a close relationship between shoulder function and neck pain.  Neck exercises along with chiropractic care helps to solve these problems.

An important aspect of neck function is how the shoulder function influences neck pain, posture and motion. Try rolling your shoulders forwards and backwards, stretching slowly, to help ease tension at the neck. General exercises such as fast paced walking or hiking are important for your neck too. Remember, your spine is the core of your body and walking is one of the least “injury-producers,” something you can keep up well into your later years.
Lastly, make sure your neck posture is kept upright when you are talking on the phone, driving, reading, doing other tasks, or sleeping. A very small pillow is usually best for sleeping and neck support pillows are available to help maintain the normal forward arch of the neck. A small pillow will allow your head to ease back, relaxing the muscles at the back of the neck.

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