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Should i sleep on a larger pillow or a smaller pillow?

Posted Jan 02 2013 8:39pm

This is a very popular question that many people ask before they purchase a new pillow.

Should I buy a king size pillow, you know i have a king size bed....

Well in most cases the answer is to buy a pillow based your own frame. If for example you are a 5 ft female that weights about 100 lbs, then a medium or a large pillow may be too large for you. If you are over 6 ft and built like a football player, then order the larger size pillow.

It just makes sense- order the pillow that best supports your neck. A pillow that is too large or too small is not going to give you proper neck alignment.

The best suppport pillows i have seen that cater to individual neck sizes and give great neck support are the arc4life gravity pillows and the tricore family of neck pillows.

Here is more information on the arc4life gravity pillows:


Here is more information on the tri core family of orthopedic neck pillows:

One thing else to keep in mind. If you prefer a firmer support pillow, get the tricore pillow, if you like something more gentler, go for the linear gravity pillow.


the neck pain support blog 

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