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Severest pain of my life and I'm uninsured, don't know what to do.

Posted by MrCondundrum

Since October I have been having unusual and progressive pains.  They started in the neck, throat and upper back/chest (between the shoulder blades radiating through the sternum)  right foot, wrist, buttock and groin.  I also have had serious skin sensitivity to touch in my hands and feet.  The character is like combined intense burning, stabbing and aching pains.  Regarding the chest pain, cardiac etiology was thoroughly ruled out as was GI and a Chest X-ray was normal.   

These pains progressed and by late January effected not only my neck, upper back and chest but my entire right side from the top of my pelvis to my toes, throughout the right posterior shoulder to my finger tips and in my groin.  There was also a tingling sensation like pins and needles.  The pain got so intense that I repeatedly got sick to my stomach from it and couldn't sleep much because of it.  I also developed a significant limp.  The doctor I had ordered a CBC with differential and metabolic panel plus sedimentation rate and rheumatoid factor; the only irregularities were a BUN = 21 and a slightly elevated blood sugar = 180.   

Since then, I lost my job and thus my insurance and anything further at this point will have to be paid for in cash.  I am bewildered by all of this. Now the pain is unbearable and nothing seems to help.  It hurts all the time and is worse in the night and frequently wakes me up from sleep.  Right now it feels like I'm being strangled, have a tight band constricting my chest, have a dozen daggers stuck in my right leg, foot and groin my entire right lower extremity has been scalded and there is also a burning, tingling sensation in my left ankle too. 

My only significant medical history is a bad accident that happened ten years ago which caused a concussion, herniated disks at C4-5 and L2-3 with progressive spinal stenosis in my neck.  I take Relafen alone for pain and it is no longer effective.  It has been more than five years since my last MRI's.   

*** I really think it is neuropathic pain, but is it more likely due to my neck, could I be an undiagnosed diabetic or could something entirely different be going on?   

*** What kind of doctor should I see? 

*** If I need surgery to relieve cervical spinal cord compression how can I get this done in the US without insurance?   

I am frustrated beyond words and am in as much anguish about not being able to answer these questions as from the pain!  I don't want to live like this and am afraid that if I wait too long the damage might be permanant and I might end up crippled and suffering for the rest of my life.  I would greatly appreciate any answers that anyone in the know might offer.  Thanks so much.

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