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Severe Neck Pain with Numbess and Tingling-- all from a Herniated Disc?

Posted Aug 15 2009 10:23pm
Neck pain can often be a true hindrance, affecting your normal lifestyle and daily activities. This is especially true when, in addition to neck pain, there are other symptoms like headaches or pain radiating into the arms and hands. Depending the level of the herniated disc, you may experience weakness, severe pain or even shooting pains into the upper extremity.

Herniated disc diagram

A disc herniation can often be the cause of severe neck pain and/or arm pain. A herniated disc occurs when the inner disc (nucleus) breaks through the outer disc (annulus) and puts pressure on a nerve root. What often happens is the annulus gets weakened by wear and tear on our bodies, age, and a neck trauma or injury.

Disc herniations typically occur in individuals younger than 45 years of age because as we get older the nucleus hardens. People with cervical disc herniation often suffer with neck pain for years because they can happen at a young age, often getting aggravated.

MRI images have shown us that disc herniations can decrease in size and even go away. When this happens, pressure on the nerves or nerve roots lessens or goes away.

Studies have shown us that restoring normal alignment of the neck helps disc herniations fall back into place and disappear. When the neck spine is in its normal C-curve alignment (cervical lordosis of 40-60 degrees) the neck spine is in its strongest position and all the discs are held in place.

Studies have also shown us the best thing to restore that normal C-curve is neck traction that not only stretches the neck but also forces the curvature back into the neck. For example, a neck collar might stretch or elongate the neck, but does not put more curvature into the neck. However, a device like the posture pump does restore the C-curvature. In addition to that, using a cervical Support neck pillow can help to align your head and spine optimally while sleeping.

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