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severe back pain & leg pain

Posted by subash

Since last 20 days I have got severe back pain and my left thigh got severe pain while sitting, also am getting pain in both leg muscles, flashing pains and burning in my both legs.

First I consult with one Physician he asked me take rest and tablets 3 times daily Sirdalud and Diclomax for 7 days, after completing the 7 days medicine there is no chnage, again I went to one orthopedician, after checking my lower bak spine xray he said this due to disc prolapse L5S1 due to this my nerves are getting pressure. He advised me to take tablets Muscadol & Diclomax and Injenction Neuoribian 5 (twice in a weak)

Also he has asked me to go for Physiotherapy, but getting appointment for Physiotheray in proposed hospitals in Kuwait will get only after 3-4 months.

Can you please advice what should I do in this case to get immediate relief, taking into consideration that am sitting minimum 8 hrs in front of pc everyday, and what should  I do in future to control the pain
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