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Senior fitness starts in the community with doctors approval.

Posted Apr 28 2010 4:50am

After my last post on Senior fitness a comment was posted on where to start, will Seniors ever get fit, what are some health concerns etc. I will try to address some of these question.

In many communities, senior fitness is a “hot” concern. In my town of Southington, Ct, we have several places seniors can go to start a safe exercise program. The Southington YMCA has a program called Silver Sneakers that has seniors working with trainers to start and achieve exercise goals. Several assisted living facilities, such as Southington Care center has a Fit for Life program and the Southington Senior center has exercise program available to. So there are many places to begin a program.

I am not sure the question “Will seniors ever get fit” is the right question to ask. A better on would be, “How  can a senior become healthier and safer as they age”. That is the real challenge. Avoiding falling, improving strength, decreasing blood pressure, weight loss would be the goals in this age bracket. So charting where the individual begins and monitoring there progression during the fitness program is important.

And since as we age our bodies start to break down and various health issues crop up, their physician or Chiropractor can tell them what their limitations are so they will not get injured or too sore when they start the program.

Senior fitness is vital for not only the individual but also the community and country. Since a great deal of health care costs occur in the senior population, keeping the older individual as healthy as possible for as long as possible will help in keeping our health care cost down.

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