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Sciatica Relief With DRX9000 Lumbar Decompression Therapy

Posted Oct 20 2008 1:09pm

KS11060[1] We have seen our fair share of sciatica at Executive Express Chiropractic  in downtown San Francisco.

Sciatica, which is pain down the leg, can be very hard to treat. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the some cases it is the diameter of a quarter.

When the sciatic nerve gets irritated, from say a bulging or herniated disc (primary cause), it can drop you to your knees it can be so painful. Treatment becomes difficult because the area is so inflamed at the site of nerve compression, that it's often times hard to move...forget exercise or physical therapy. Even chiropractic is hard to handle sometimes. This is why cortisone injections are so popular...the patient does not have to do anything but take the needle.

The problem with cortisone injections for sciatica is's just a short term fix...if it does anything at all. And...there are long term health consequences from cortisone. Cortisone can cause liver and kidney damage...and harm your immune system...meanwhile the actual neurovascular compression (typically a herniated disc) which is causing the problem remains...not good.

So what can you do for sciatica that is being caused by a bulging or herniated disc...other than back surgery? can try the DRX9000 nonsurgical spinal decompression system. The DRX9000 was designed and built to treat herniated lumbar discs...that's what it does.

At my clinic, we incorporate nonsurgical spinal decompression into our sciatica protocol. Since the DRX9000 is so gentle, it becomes something that the patient can handle...most of the time.

Sure, sometimes we have to wait for the sciatica to settle down a little...but that is rare.

The DRX9000 works on the cause of the problem, which is usually a bulging or herniated disc...or a facet syndrome...even a badly degenerated disc can benefit from lumbar decompression therapy. It's a really smart,  and safe alternative to dangerous drugs or back surgery.

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