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Sciatica and the sitting cure

Posted Sep 16 2008 4:52pm

I know if you have sciatica now, the last thing you want me to say is “don’t sit”. After all sitting is one of the common things that aggravates your sciatica. However, as most occupations today, and most people leisure activities, requires sitting, it is almost impossible to avoid.

For those of you who have to travel, whether by car, train, bus or plane, you will also know that your sciatica gets a lot worse as the trip goes by.

The reason why your sciatic gets worse when you sit is simple. Sciatica is caused by the irritation to your lower spine and pelvis. There are muscles that are tighter in your buttock and lower back, and there may be some inflammation or even disc irritations. Combined these cause your sciatica aches and pains.

When you stand you have a lot more shock absorbing capabilities. Your feet absorb shock, as do your knees (when you stand your knees should be slightly bent – if they are locked you have lower back issues). Your body constantly moves in small motions taking pressure off your lower back.

When you sit, this movement and the shock absorbing abilities decrease. There is more pressure into your lower spine and your sciatica increases. This is why you need to get up and move around to ease the pain every now and then.

So if you have to sit, no matter where there is a simple technique you can apply to make the pain easier. At times it may even stop your sciatica building up altogether.

Simply place a small pillow or soft object under one of your sitting bones. Nothing too large – a small pillow, a hand towel folded up, anything close at hand will do.

By placing it under your sitting bone you remove pressure off the sciatic nerve; you also change the posture in your lower back. Add in a lumbar roll and your sciatica can ease quickly. You may be asking – which side do you sit on.

Well that needs to be worked out by you. Place it under one side and after about 10 minutes you will know if it is the right side as you will forget it is there as your sciatica is not bothering you. If you place it under the wrong side, your sciatica will not get worse and you will not do any damage. But the pain will remain.

Please note: this is only to ease your sciatica. It will not remove it, it will not prevent it.

If you want to remove your sciatica once and forever, you need to address the causes of it. The causes of sciatica are – tight and weak muscles, joint disruption in your lower back and pelvic imbalance. You may have a few minor disc issues if your sciatica is severe.

To remove these you need to use techniques that cover all these issues (and there is only one on the market today). Otherwise your sciatica will not disappear totally and will return again soon. Fail to address the causes of your sciatica and you may end up needing surgery one day.

Removing and preventing sciatica is easy, quick and permanent – if you follow the techniques in the X-Pain Method V2.0. You get video demonstrations, simple step-by-step techniques. Pain can literally disappear for most within a week…

Or just sit on a pillow and hope your sciatica will disappear one day.

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