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Sciatica and Spinal Decompression

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Spinal Decompression Doctor Comments:

Sciatica We have helped many patients with sciatica using spinal decompression at Executive Express Chiropractic in the SF Financial District. One thing for sure...sciatica (pain down the leg) is not much fun.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the is the diameter of a quarter at it' s largest point. The sciatic nerve is formed by branches of the nerve roots in your lumbar spine (low back). These nerves come together and form the sciatic nerve which travels down the leg to the feet.

Pressure anywhere along the nerve can cause leg pain, numbness, tingling, burning...even weakness.  The most likely source of sciatica related nerve compression is right where the nerve roots exit the spinal cord from in between the openings (vertebral foramina) in the bones in your low back (lumbar vertebrae). 

In between the vertebrae are inter-vertebral discs. The discs hold the bones together, give the spine L5-Sacrum  flexibility, and separate the bones so the nerves have room to exit. When the spinal discs bulge, herniate, or degenerate, parts of the damaged disc can protrude and bulge causing nerve root pressure which can expresses itself as sciatica.

Obviously the solution is to remove this pressure, which is the purpose of spinal decompression. Decompression machines are designed and built for this.

MD News Photos 011 Why decompression, wont other therapies help? Often times conventional treatments such as chiropractic, physical therapy, medications, acupuncture, or anything for that matter, do not help. These are the patients that should consider nonsurgical spinal decompression...why...because it might help...when nothing else will. And it is very safe.

Hey...sometimes spinal decompression wont help either...but most of the time it will. Will it help you? I don' t know, and neither does anyone have to do it to find out.

Here' s the bottom line...if you think you have tried everything for your really haven' t unless you have tried lumbar' s something to think about.

If you would like to find out more about nonsurgical spinal decompression at our downtown SF decompression Executive Express Chiropractic at 415-392-2225 or  request an appointment online.

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