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Sciatica and back pain relief with inversion therapy

Posted Dec 23 2008 2:13pm 1 Comment

I had to get lower back surgery in 2004 and even 2 years after the surgery I still had pain, stiffness and sciatica. Not until a friend told me about inversion therapy or "hanging upside down" did I try inversion therapy and boy am I ever glad I did. My abs, thighs, back and side flexors are healthy and stretched now and I feel so much better. Now I walk alot to stay loose and with the aid of inversion therapy I am virtually a new man and am back to enjoting my life and pain free an d AFTER back surgery. If you'd like to read more about my story please visit my website. My true story and tons of other info. to read is on my site. Thanks.

Cole F. 

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Of course inversion therapy is not for everyone. It is for folks that have had and continue to suffer from back and core pain and of course painful sciatica, although I truly believe that if folks would start an inversion therapy routine prior to injury that their spinal health and over all flexibility would be improved, their spines would not have the chance to get decompressed and then pinch those nerves of where the discs are compressed. Inversion therapy is nothing more than stretching muscles that are harder to reach and stretch without using inversion therapy. I think just about everyone has agreed that stretching is good, right? All I know is that my sciatica and back pain, before and after my back surgery was eliminated once I started doing inversion therapy. I have had laser eye surgery, ear infections, spinal surgery, broken bones, the list goes on and inversion therapy is the ONLY way I have found to keep my back, core, hips, thighs and abs pain free, loose and flexible. Like anything new that you work into your life you have to acclimate your body to the change, go slow and work up to a point where you can invert longer and for more time. Anyone can spout facts and figures that they cut and past from some other site and talk negatively about the benefits of anything but I am a living, breathing back surgery survivor and inversion therapy, as I have said and will continue to say has saved my life and made me vital again in my life, with my family and gave me back so much freedom that had been taken away with my back problems that I had for over 20 years. As with anything, do research and see if it's right for you. You can visit <a href=> inversion therapy</a> to read my personal story of how it worked for me. Inversion therapy saved my life, I know no other way to say it.
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