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Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – the facts

Posted Feb 19 2011 5:29pm

Sciatic nerve pain relief only occurs when you recognize that you must change more than one issue when sciatic pain develops. You need to correct the common issues that cause all low back pain conditions along with the unique areas that relate to sciatica.

In fact sciatica is a group of symptoms rather than a disease or condition, as soon as pain moves out from the spine and towards your leg it is classed as sciatica. As soon as the nerve is irritated and pain develops, the classification changes from lower back pain to sciatica.

You need to remember that pain doesn’t need to radiate all the way down the leg for it be called a sciatic nerve condition. Pain in the buttock, thigh or lower leg are all part of this irritation and the distance it travels, doesn’t indicate the severity either.

At times it can be a serious issue with the discs being involved, but this is less common that just a few specific muscles and joints causing the pain. You should still rule out the more serious version of this, especially if pain is not easing quickly, then it is best to seek help.

You need to look at your Piriformis muscle if you want any lasting sciatic nerve pain relief, after all it is the most common cause of sciatic nerve irritation. The sciatic nerve runs through or right beneath the Piriformis muscle, which is why this muscle is so important. If the muscle tightens the nerve is irritated and pain develops.

It is simple to get long term relief, all you do is remove all the symptoms and all the causes, it’s as simple as that. You can get symptom relief easily by looking at both trigger points in the area that can cause pain, and targeting the Piriformis muscle too. Symptom relief is important as your body heals faster and better when you are free of pain, or close to it.

But sciatic nerve pain relief will only ever last if you remove the causes, and all of them too. It is important to correct the muscle imbalances, which are both the weak and tight muscles in your lower back. The pelvis can twist, which allows muscles to become out of balance and hence needs to be corrected.

Although sciatica is not classed as a disease itself, it is still a debilitating condition that needs early intervention. It may sound a complex problem but in fact it is no different to any form of lower back pain, except there are a few minor extras irritating the sciatic nerve.

Sciatic nerve pain relief requires a simple approach that eliminates both the symptoms and the cause, if not relief will be short lived. But by following a simple plan pain can ease quickly and you can simply prevent recurrences also.

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