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Sand making machine should not be underestimated techniques

Posted Mar 24 2014 8:29am

In the sand production process, the  sand making machine  performance requirements are very important, but if want to play the perfect Sand function , then the post Sand parts maintenance and repair work should focus on attention. Sand parts generally run after a certain period of time , will be due to wear, corrosion , oxidation, scratches, deformation and other reasons which led to the failure , so in order to save production and investment , reducing mechanical material consumption , have some reasonable , advanced technology Sand parts for repair is necessary . 

Under normal conditions, the quality and performance through the sand making machine parts to repair after the new parts can be up to standard , and can even exceed the performance of new parts , for example, select submerged arc welding repair roll life can go beyond the original New roll life , after the engine valve after repair welding method , a new life is twice the original engine valves . 

Sand the repair method for parts , repair methods are now the most widely used methods are fitter to repair , mechanical repair method , welding repair method.  sand making machine  part in the actual repair work , the economic conditions in the user 's production site conditions permitting, it should be possible to meet the size requirements and performance standards Sand parts , reasonable selection of repair methods and technology . 

Sand repair parts usually approach, method and mechanical fitter fix repair method is the most important , most basic , the most common repair techniques . They can form a separate part of the  sand making machine  repair can repair and other methods, such as welding, plating, coating and other processes together , Sand repair process is an essential step . Sand parts is to promote proper functioning of the basic conditions of work to do to repair its parts , you can make the Sand is an efficient and stable production capacity , but also can improve the performance of sand making machine.

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