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San Francisco Spinal Disc Treatment needs your Support. Invest In a Good Office Chair. Your Back will Love You For It.

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

Office workers in San Francisco, telecommuters, and just about everyone these days, seems to spend quite a bit of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer. Because of this, there has been a sharp increase in spinal discs related injuries such as disc herniations, disc bulges, repetitive strain injuries of the neck, back, arms and hands, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Remember, all the nerves exit from the spine. When the spine is under stress from abnormal postures, it causes the discs to wear abnormally, the supporting muscles to spasm, the ligaments to stretch, and the nerves to become irritated. We need to consider all the variables that are adjustable by us when it comes to spending extended periods of time sitting in front of a computer. The #1 consideration is the chair that you sit in. As you may remember from one of my previous postings, sitting hunched over in a chair is the position that puts the most amount of pressure on the discs  out of any position, even standing. So, whether it be for prevention or to support an existing treatment plan such as decompression therapy, it is important that this variable be adjusted (in the right direction). To assist you with finding the right chair (you don't have to spend a fortune either) I have found a very good article that takes you through all the steps and guidelines as far as what will work best. It is not one size fits all. There are also adjustments that are made as far as where your computer should sit, at what height, and some others. This article takes you through the entire process. It is entitled: Reducing back pain while sitting in office chairs.   

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