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San Francisco Spinal Decompression Center Offers New Hope To Elderly Patients with Herniated Discs and Badly Degenerated Spinal

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

We introduced spinal decompression featuring the DRX 9000 into our practice almost 2 years ago. This gave us the ability to treat disc herniations, disc bulges, spinal stenosis, and badly degenerated discs, conditions that were for the most part untreatable using conventional chiropractic and physical therapy. Since then we have been able to help many elderly patients reach higher levels of spinal health and function. Sometimes when I look at an x-ray or MRI of an elderly patient with severe, chronic back pain, I wonder how the condition could ever regress to this state. I must be honest, when I first acquired the decompression equipment I would not take on these badly degenerated spinal conditions. I did not feel confident that I could deliver results. But as time went on I started to believe that I could. It just did not make sense to exclude elderly patients because they really needed it the most. Then, after meeting with some doctors in other states and attending some conferences where I was able to interact with doctors that had been using decompression successfully with elderly patients, I decided to try it for myself. This was a very wise decision. As long as the expectations are managed properly and the goals are to try and just make things better than they are, we have been able to  consistently achieve favorable outcomes. Read Beverly's story, this is a typical treatment outcome: ( Download Beverly_McKay_w-sig_Rev.pdf ). Sometimes this means being able to go up and down stairs and walk around the house without a cane. Or, get in and out of a cab without assistance. Others have been able to resume the long walks around the lake they missed so much. Some can now handle sitting  in a car for a few hours to go visit their grandchildren. Some are even weight lifting again. These goals are totally obtainable, and long lasting. But, if you think you are going to be able to do things you could do when you were 30 years old, than forget it. There are limitations of matter. This technology has given us the ability to take badly degenerated spines and make things much better than they are with minimal risk (it is very safe), but, it is not magic. In fact, quite a bit of effort goes into the process (6-12 weeks) depending on the treatment plan you choose. So, if you are interested in putting some more spring in your step, reducing your pain levels, and making life a little bit more fun, consider spinal decompression therapy and rehabilitation (featuring the spineforce machine ) at our clinic. 

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