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San Francisco Disk Herniation Treatment featuring the DRX 9000: Just Who Is A Candidate for Spinal Decompression Therapy ?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

I meet with over 100 San Francisco Bay Area back pain sufferers per month to determine if #1: they are a candidate for spinal decompression therapy, and #2: if we will accept their case. We actually receive over 200 inquiries per month, but half of these people are unable to make it past the telephone pre-qualification intake interview. They have conditions that preclude them from receiving spinal decompression. The exclusions are: Cancer of the spine. Severe Osteoporosis. Recent Compression Fracture in the spine. Metal in the spine from Surgery (previous surgery is not an exclusion, most do not involve hardware). Spinal Infection. Surgically Repaired Aortic Aneurysm. Then, once I meet with a candidate face to face, I may discover something else I am concerned about that disqualifies them from treatment. This eliminates about 25% of the people that actually come to the office seeking treatment. At this point I must choose 20-25 people from the remaining 75 candidates each month, as this is the maximum amount of patients we will treat (even though our machines can handle more). The determining factors for who we choose to accept for care are many. We want to first take the patients that we feel we can help the most and that are in the worst shape. These are patients that are having trouble getting out of bed, or using a cane, or a walker, or that are in extreme discomfort, with very low quality of life. Then, we consider those that have the most to lose. Say they are 50 years old and have another 40 or 50 years left on this planet. But, this aggressive, degenerative condition has just continued to march forward, taking away quality of life. Now, they cant hike, or fish, or ski, or play with their kids, or even walk a few blocks without breaking down. And it only looks like it is going to continue this way and get worse. If I sense that this person is motivated to do what it takes to alter the path of this degenerative process, I will seriously consider accepting the case. Sometimes this means major changes in your diet ( plant base diet ) to get the inflammation down and lose weight. Once we accept a case, it is an all out attack. Since we for the most part do not deal with insurance (a little bit for regular chiropractic care and rehab), all the staff you see running around here are focused on giving our patients a very high level of care.  We have a very high success rate with the cases we accept. For some, the time is not right. They are not ready to get better. But for those that are, we are here to serve. 

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