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San Francisco Disc Pain Center features the DRX 9000-Non Surgical Spinal Decompression System. Incorporating Discoveries made in

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

Up until now, disc bulges, disc herniations, ruptured discs, and badly degenerated discs, were for the most part thought to be untreatable without surgical intervention or cortisone injections for pain. But, about 7 years ago or so a technology called Spinal Decompression was invented. Some doctors, business men, and former NASA scientist got together and tried to figure out how to apply the knowledge that was gained during space travel (here on earth) to treat chronic, severe, back pain. Here is an article put out by NASA explores that contains some of the data that was considered. It is entitled " My How You've Grown", in reference to the height that is gained due to the elongation of the spine that occurs during the anti-gravity state of space travel. Of course the spine regains it's original form once it returns back to earth, but this was still the basis of the discovery of spinal decompression. If we can create a negative (gravity) state here on earth to elongate the spine, then figure out a way to maintain it (logarithmic curve) throughout a treatment cycle while pumping the discs, which is what the spine does normally if it is functioning properly (this is called imbibition), we can potentially reverse disc herniations by sucking the herniated fragments back into the center of the discs, while at the same time re-hydrating the discs, making them healthier and more functional. Eventually, AXIOM Worldwide, the manufacturer of the DRX 9000 came together with some of the original crew and some New NASA folks and created what is considered to be the best, most advanced, most comfortable system on the market. It is also the most expensive (up to $150,000). In fact most of the research that was done on decompression has been done with the DRX 9000. This is why I chose to use it. There are many knock-offs out there and traction systems that claim they do decompression, but they don't.

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