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San Francisco Disc Herniation patients get educated on the relationship between Healthy Nerves and Healthy Cells

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

Cells get both chemical and electrical information from their surroundings, since the body communicates with both. Cells create electrical fields, for example. Two cells that sit within each others fields create an electrical network. Changes in one cell's electrical field affect what goes on in the other cell, and vise versa. Since nerves also create electrical fields, a cell is also influenced from far away by the brain, via the nervous system. Electrical patterns may be precise and clear, or they may be distorted and garbled (like a bad radio signal) if a disc is herniated or bulging, and putting unwanted pressure on the nerve as it passes through the vertebrae. When normal nerve transmission is blocked, the target cells malfunction resulting in various signs and symptoms such as numbness and tingling, weakness, leg/arm pain, back/neck pain, and hormonal imbalances.  Like a car with bad timing, a band that loses the beat, or a basketball team that can't quite get into the flow of the game, the cells lose timing and rhythm, and become abnormal . The good news is , this chain reaction can be reversed depending on how long the problem has been there. This is what the DRX 9000 was designed to do, correct disc herniations so the nervous system can regain control over the body, replacing the injured, abnormally functioning cells,  with normal cells, to the extent that this is possible (limitations of matter). The more damage (spinal degeneration) there is, and the older you are, the less likely it becomes for a full recovery. Well, SO WHAT?, what if you can just get to the point where you don't feel like you need surgery, or you can stop popping pain pills all day long (damaging your liver and kidneys). Spinal decompression on the DRX 9000 at our San Francisco Disc Herniation center, for the most part is gentle and painless. Decide for yourself with the 3 visit trial (must qualify). Offer expires 8/1/2006. 

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